What is Scandi?

Every few years it seems like a new design style takes over the world and everywhere you look you see various aspects of that particular style. We've seen multiple design genres, many of which are key to the Prevaire collections from rustic farmhouse to contemporary design to boho chic, but of all of these few of them seem to have the impact that the Scandinavian style has had. That’s not to say those other designs aren't as popular as ever, there’s something about Scandi decor that people love. 

So where to start when talking about the design style that is so key to many residences? Well geographically seems like a good start! Scandinavia is comprised of three Northern European countries: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. While some people mistakenly include Finland and Iceland in this definition as well, they’re not actually Scandi. However, they are considered Nordic countries along with the three Scandinavian countries.

The Scandi design is defined by its clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty and its focus on its lack of clutter. You won’t find any hoarding or overflowing items; instead, everything has a place and every place is clean and clear.

A good take on the design style came from the Washington Post, who highlighted that the Scandinavian style focuses on bright, clear spaces but also concentrating on nature and spending time outdoors, something that is reflected in this style. Wood floors tend to remain uncovered and lighter wooden tones are frequently found in Scandinavian homes. And, of course, live plants are a popular choice when it comes to really bringing the outdoors in.

Part of the appeal lies in how aspirational this specific design style feels. The uncluttered nature and brightness evokes a sense of calm that so many people are missing from their daily lives. After leaving a stressful day at work, the idea of returning to a home devoid of bulky furniture and clutter feels particularly appealing.