Take A Seat My Friend..

When furnishing any room whether living room or bedroom, one of the hardest but key challenges is deciding what type of seating to use, to create a stylish design and finish off your room perfectly. You may choose to opt for a sofa, a large two piece, a sofa and two chairs or simply a couple of armchairs? Maybe some ottomans could also do the trick, but at Prevaire we are believers in not just the functional but the fashionable! There are a lot of possible furniture options to choose from, and we know its no easy task. They are particularly challenging decision because they’re a bit difficult to work with, particularly with so many different designs and styles to choose from, finding the right look is never easy, despite our best efforts!

It’s important for the chairs and sofa to be comfortable. So collections such as the Prevaire Scandi chairs are great options. They’re dressed in luxurious fabric and look and feel very cozy and comfortable, while maintaining that modern look that we try to maintain in all our collections. Choose brocade fabric for a stand out look or the simpler white linen version for a clean and fresh look.

Armchairs such as this one from the Prevaire vantage chairs are perfect for cozy reading nooks. The shape of the chairs allows multiple comfortable seating positions, especially when paired with a matching footstool or ottoman. For increased comfort, add more accent pillows. 

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